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Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine
Painting the Town, feature article, March 2016


Luxe Magazine
Feature, January 2011

Luxe COVER.jpg

Desert Living
Paint the Town, by Peter J. Wolf, feature article, April 2007


Direct Art Magazine
Volume 12, Fall/Winter 2005


Arizona Republic
Downtown Stalwart Steps Up In Art Circles, by John Villani, feature article, August 2003

AZ Republic Stalwart 2003.jpg

Arizona Republic
No Couch Potatoes, feature article, August 2003

New Times
Lens Crafters, review, August 2003

Shade Magazine

Body of Work, by Joshua Rose, review, September 2003

ShadeMag cover 2003.jpg

Tucson Weekly

Radical Demonstration, article, June 2003

Arizona Republic

Biennial Allows Artists to Compete Head-to-Head, by John Villani, article, May 2003

Biennial 2003.jpg

Arizona Republic

Straight to the Art, article, March 2003

New Times
Mother Of All Shows, review, March 2003

Decor Magazine
Cover Art, October 2001

DecorMag cover art 2001.jpg

Elle Magazine
City Women To Watch, by Andrea Todd, feature article, April 2001

ElleMag 2001 cover.jpg

Phoenix Magazine
Brushed Off, by Lori K. Baker, feature article, November 2000

Phx Mag  BrushedOff 2000 cover.jpg

Arizona Republic

Art Beat of the City, by John Villani, feature article, November 2000

ArtBeat 2000.jpg

New Times

Crash Course, feature article, September 2000

Phoenix Downtown Magazine

Ya Gotta Have Art, by Forrest Martin, review, September 2000

Arizona Republic

A Little Chaos Never Hurt Anyone, review, August 2000

Arizona Republic

It's Chaos, review, August 2000

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